The Duffy's have been doing business in Cincinnati since 1979. Focusing on the residential side of real estate, Duffy team also does commercial real estate, leases and land. They are a client-driven team, which is why their clients come first. Providing clients with their dream home or a great investment is their true passion. The Duffy's have the knowledge and experience to be your trusted real estate agents in the Cincinnati market.

Customer Promise

We provide top-notch services. Done by executing on promises with a personal touch.

From the first meeting to years after you've close on your home. The whole process can be scary and confusing. It's our promise at Duffy Team Realtors to keep customers informed, take the trouble, stress, and doubt out of the deal.

Know the client and their circumstances to better understand how to help. This deep understanding makes the process personal.

Our father and son's team operates with knowledge, experience and the latest technology to maximize the home buying & selling experience.

We not only want to be your Realtor but, your life long friend.

Pete Duffy
Joe Duffy
Brenden Duffy

Peter has spent his entire life in the real estate industry - literally.  In 1963, his father and uncle founded Duffy Real Estate Company.  Pat, his father, was instrumental in creating real estate programs at Xavier University and the University of Cincinnati.  For him and his five siblings, obtaining a real estate sales license was a rite of passage.  Now, 37 years later, he's still in real estate and loving every minute of it!  
As you can see, he's a born and bred Realtor® – It’s in the blood! 

Interests: Taking trips to Montana with friends, horseback riding, bike riding and spending time with my grand children

Pete sr. has instilled in Joe the importance of being honest and trustworthy, which has translated to being a great business/salesman. Training started at a young age from taking messages for potential clients at age 10, updating listings when the internet was first created and moved more real estate offices than you can count on one hand. This lifelong exposure has created a well-developed perspective, expertise, and desire to positively impact people's day-to-day lives.
This business is his passion. That is why every customer gets a top-notch experience with the Duffy team as their trusted agents.

Interests: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, hiking and camping, dog Training, self-improvement books and personal fitness

In 2013 Brenden graduated from William Mason High school. During my time at Mason high school I was apart Kiwanis Key Club. Played year-round club soccer on multiple teams.


Following high school years, he attended Miami University for four years and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Human Development. After completing that journey he found that it was his desire was to be in Real Estate.


In 2020 Brenden joined Dad and brother at Comey and Shepherd Realtors - Duffy Team. He hopes to bring over the skills that he has learned over his high school and college years of hard work and dedication to helping others to help people in this community to find the home that is best for them and their growing families.

Interests: Soccer, boating and hiking in national parks

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